BOOKS BASICS OF TELEMARK 31338-00 31330-00 31335-00 31336-00 The Beautiful Rosemaling Art & Design Collection II, by the late Helen Blanck, 65pgs. 31655-00 31331-00 31333-00 31345-00 31337-00 Swedish Fairytales, 29 favorites, Lundbergh & Bauer, 240pgs. More Telemark by Lois Mueller, VGM, 31 pgs. Lucky Strokes by Lois Mueller. Use Rosemaling to give new life to old pieces, 39 pgs. Rosemaling for Anyone by Lois Mueller. 12 laminated pages to practice. Lessons in Rosemaling: Valdres by Lois Mueller, 44 pgs. 31654-00 30137-00 30104-00 30122-00 30134-00 Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs. 35 step by step projects to create the Scandinavian home, 128 pgs. Beautiful Strokes. Gudbrands- dal style by Lois Mueller, VGM, 35 pgs. Lessons in Rogaland by Lois Mueller, VGM. 40 pgs. Lessons in Telemark by Lois ueller, VGM. 43 pgs. Tina Nordstrom’s Scandinavian Cooking, 200 of her recipes, tips, 371 pgs. Swedish Cookies, Tarts & Pies, treasury recipes from J. Hedt’s 45-year career, 240 pgs. The Swedish Christmas Table. Holiday meals, side dishes & drinks, 199 pgs. Swedish Christmas Traditions. recipes, crafts, holiday delights, 128 pgs. 30290-00 30094-00 30092-00 30096-00 31650-00 Norwegian Folk Tales. Eight delightful tales previously unpublished retold by J R Larson, 50 pgs. True & Untrue and Other Norse Tales, Sigrid Undset Norwegian folk tales, 253 pgs. Happy Times in Norway, Sigrid Undset, blissful Norway before Nazis, 229 pgs. Sigurd and His Brave Companions, re-enactment of Vilmund Viduta’s exploits, 140 pgs. Traditional Swedish Cooking by Caroline Hofberg. A beautifully illustrated book of Swedish cuisine, 189 pgs. 27 NEW