80469-01 80469-53 80469-54 80469-55 80469-57 Birch Trees Sunflower Water Lillies Honey Suckle Violets 80469-56 80469-05 80469-58 80469-07 80469-08/1 Sailboats Red Hearts Cup Cakes Lady Bug Heart Blue Owls 80469-08/5 80469-09 80469-51 80469-11 80469-50 Pink Owls Tulip Hearts Apples Green Santas Dogs 80469-47 80469-17 80469-48 80469-49 80469-46 Red/Pink VWs Multi Dala Blue Elephants Pink Elephants Rooster SWEDISH DISH CLOTH: 6 3/4” X 8”; This amazing dish cloth will clean all kitchen surfaces and not leave streaks. It is made of natural cellulose and cotton fibers and is eco-friendly. It is odorless and can be used over and over. To freshen, wash in the dish washer or washing machine. Made in Sweden. 1 NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW